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Captain’s Log: Entry #1

The air is thick with smoke but I’ll huff and puff through this week like a champ.

The food is the bomb. The people are the bomb. It also looks like a bomb was dropped with how hazy it is. But I remain optimistic that it will be nice enough to go swimming later.

I’m hoping that the motto “what happens at band camp, stays at band camp” remains true when it comes to my personal shenanigans. But I’m also hoping that I break those rules slightly and be your insight into the best parts of Project Wild Bootcamp.

I’m also curious how close this week will be to either Camp Rock or School of Rock. I’m hoping for something along the lines of Jack Black teaching us how not to “let the man bring you down.” rather than a Jonas brother popping out of the bushes in spontaneous song and dance.

Seriously, this is the nicest summer camp I’ve ever been to. This facility is amazing. I was thinking we would be pitching tents and using out houses but boy was I wrong. It’s so fancy, we even have febreze and other perfumes in the bathrooms. You don’t even get that at most dive bars.

Don’t worry mom, I’m staying well hydrated and I even put on sunscreen. I think the boys will be jealous of our insane snack stash that we have going on in our dorm room. Olivia brought costco muffins so I am definitely a happy camper.

Julianna and I are currently polishing off our song awaiting our amazing producer Elisa to get here so we can get busy laying some bed tracks.

But in the mean time… dinner and then some “non-competitive” street hockey.

See ya tomorrow!

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