Karac Hendriks – Day 5

Hey Now!

Anyone pick up on and/or sick of my Howard Stern Show references?

Anywho…time is flying by fast but Man I can’t wait to get home.  RockRidge Canyon is sure a sight to see.  Great staff too.  In fact, all of the folks involved in this PW experience have been amazing.  Nimbus. Aberta Music. All other faculty. Houseband. It’s been really great to see what can happen when everyone is involved in the same industry with the same goals and working together.

The last 4 showcases are tonight and I’m very excited to see them.  The  last 7 (and mine to I guess LOL) have really demonstrated a diversity to this whole “country” thing that proves that a great lyric and strong performances transcend and even knock down genre names and categories.  What a cool group of artists I am among.


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