Karac Hendriks – Day 3

Peace and Love!  Peace and Love!

I actually had to ask what day it was today (it’s Saturday?).  Time is flying by so fast but what a great adventure so far.  I’m a complete and total music industry nerd so getting the skinny from zee experts has been an OCD sufferer’s dream!  Not super loving the bunk sitch but it could be a helluva lot worse.  The views are spectacular here at RockRidge Canyon and the hospitality itself has been fantastic!  I am gonna keep my nose to the grindstone (Merle) here for the next couple of hours framing up my PW final report a bit more…then the fun part: rehearsal with the house band for my showcase!  Oh and a much-needed chat with the stylist for confirmation / correction / etc.

K peace and we outta here from the playground (you know)…


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