“It’s not goodbye – it’s see you later..”


Where do I start.. Last night was the icing on the cake! Listening to the songs we created with our amazing Producers ( while wearing ridiculous attire) was a definite highlight for me.

The bond that is created when you write with another human being is very special and incomparable. It is fascinating to see something so beautiful come from nothing. Thoughts put into words, words put into music…I am so humbled to be a part of this group of people. I absolutely loved the mason jars full of lovely notes from my new friends. To top off a wonderful day of reflection – we sang with Mike Plume around a camp fire..What a treat!

I can truly say that I got everything I wanted out of Bootcamp, the most important to me – building friendships. I knew that when I said goodbye this morning it wasn’t really goodbye – it was see you later 🙂

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