Intro to Project Wild Bootcamp 2019

We arrived at the Project Wild Bootcamp on Friday August 23. The view is just breathtaking as soon as you drive into camp. That immediately set the tone for the whole week. It gives you this freedom; an openness that allows the creativity to flow through you when you are here. 

Day 1 we got an introduction to how everything was going to go down and got to catch up with everyone. It’s so nice to be in this program with so many other amazing Alberta Artists that I am lucky enough to call my friends. It really does feel like “Band Camp” and it’s so much fun! 

Before we got to Bootcamp one of the challenges in the program was to write a song with one of the other artists. I was matched with Blake Reid. I’ve been lucky enough to have known Blake for many years. He is a kind and real down home country boy. We have never had the chance to cowrite so I was really looking forward to it. My music partner Cody and I went to Blakes farm and the ideas came pouring out as soon as we sat down. I am very proud of what we came up with. It connects with me on such a deep level of who I am and what I’ve been through as an artist.


So we all got paired up with a producer to help bring our songs to life. For most of Day 1 we did a lot of pre-production and arrangement on the song baby we had. I feel very fortunate to get the incredible Spencer Cheyne as our producer here at Bootcamp. We all immediately clicked and fell in love with the direction Spencer wanted to take the song in. It definitely pushed both Blake and I out of our comfort zones. Which I love because you cant grow without a little push. 

I am looking forward to letting you all know how the song turns out…stay tuned for the next chapter of this journey with me ! 


Musically Yours,

Lauren Mayell ?

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