Inspired Once Again

I knew coming into this bootcamp that I would learn a lot of valuable things to help me in my career. However, I also had hopes that had been fulfilled. Those hopes were to find inspiration for songwriting again.

For the majority of the summer, I was doubting my songwriting ability. Partially because I was so busy, but every time I sat down to write a song, I would convince myself that I was having a bad case of “writers block”. Well now I no longer believe that is even a thing and boy am I happy to have overcame that.

It started with writing the song for camp. We had to show up to bootcamp with a finished song, and my partner Julia Vos and I struggled at first. But then like a flick of a switch we were on to something, and ended up writing of my favourite songs I have ever written with someone. Hearing this song come to life, having some amazing musicians play it and our great producer Elisa’s touch on it has been such an experience. At the end, seeing a song come to life like that, its kinda breath taking… Like, WOAH I WROTE THAT? Crazy. Now let’s do it again.

Our seminar on songwriting with Ryan from Mother Mother was also so interesting. It felt like I blinked twice and it was over. I was super into it from the start to finish. He taught us about how he can be inspired to write songs from the smallest things. From a hum in the street, to the melody the ducks were quacking early in the morning. Such an inspirational seminar, and one I will personally never forget.

Im so grateful for this opportunity. Ill be living my life with more open ears, writing more random notes for lyrics, and writing more than ever after this bootcamp. I can’t wait to see what kind of songs will be written in the next bit of time when I get back to routine, thanks to being super inspired.

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