In the presence of royalty

I was delighted to see that Clayton Bellamy would be a keynote speaker this morning. He truly is a Road Hammer. A through the trenches artist that has never given up and believed that he had a message to deliver. He still does and it was awesome for all of us to hear him speak. The food stays consistently good and healthy and there’s plenty of it.  

Mike Shannon kept us captivated about the ins and outs of radio. He is an excellent speaker and interviewer. He ran the Clayton Bellamy session in a “Between two Ferns” kind of way…Very cool.

Jay Buetnner from the house band paid me a solid, when he expressed to me how well I handled myself in the studio with giving direction to the players and kept the ball rolling. It made my whole day to hear that from such a respected musician. 

trevor panczakI’m really looking forward to working with Kate Matthews for our style portion of boot camp tomorrow. She was a treat to hang around at lunch. 

One of the things that got hit home yesterday was for us to make sure we know and express our appreciation for not only the Project WILD but the organizers within it. I couldn’t help but think to myself that that goes without saying. We are so indebted and heart-warmed and inspired to have this insane opportunity…i see it channeling to the right places everywhere i go around here. Consider: 12 artists and our mates are here and every step we take on this property is tailored for US. Its quite humbling. Its country man.

We hit the studio after 4 awesome showcases. It would take to long to gather the words as to how friggin awe inspiring the showcase / house band / Leeroy Stagger / Clayton Bellamy portion of the evening went. Go to Project WILD’s page and see you for yourself. EMBED here Glen(if you like)

Then we hit the studio til 2 am and Doc and I agreed that we could listen to Sykamore sing all dam night long. 

ray banI can’t believe i’ve left this til the end but I had a surprise visitor fly in via helicopter. I don’t know how she pulled the string to get here but Queen Elizabeth came and ever since I met her at the Calgary Stampede we’ve been fast friends. She said she missed me and that boys in the band and she promised she wouldn’t try to take the microphone away from me this time to address the masses. What could I do? I welcomed her to camp and it looks like we have ourselves a new bunk buddy.

 Speaking of royalty Rod Schween the president of Jim Pattison broadcasting came to take in some boot camp with his wife Patty. It was great to catch up with him.

I leave you with a couple of candids from the queen along with the one from our initial meeting at Stampede. I sure hope she behaves this time. Time will tell…I don’t even know when she plans to leave. 

Talk to you all tomorrow.


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