I Guess It’s Time To Go

Yesterday was the last full day of bootcamp. We had a listening party of the songs we all cowrote, had a party on a pontoon, wrote little notes for each other to take home and had an awesome jam in the smoking gazebo until the wee hours of the morning. It was a beautiful way to end the week and the most perfect farewell to my new friends.

I’m packing up my things and get ready to leave Rockridge Canyon now. It’s been an incredibly educational and inspiring week. I’m leaving with a warm heart and a whole new outlook on the direction I will take my music career.

I really can’t believe the strong bonds I’ve formed with all the other top 12 artists. There has already been talk of having a Project Wild 2018 reunion! There’s also been mention of putting together a show at a hall. Julianna Laine and I are planning a trip to “somewhere in the middle of Montana” – Merle Haggard.

I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of Project Wild. It really is an amazing program. Thank you to the entire PW and the Alberta Music crew. You’ve put together something really special here and given us artists a space and the tools to truly grow and be the best we can possibly be.


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