“I Got Top Bunk….NOT (it pays to be punctual)”

I Got Top Bunk….NOT(it pays to be punctual). I’m not old by any means. But at 38 I’m more vintage then most here at Project Wild. Saying that, it’s been awhile since I felt like a kid. The last time was the first time I played Big Valley Jamboree. I grew up in Saskatchewan and in the beginning, BVJ was in Craven, SK. I remember as a wee lad hearing the stories from my parents of the legends that played at BVJ. Johnny Cash, Willie, etc etc. I was in awe. Fast forward 25 years or so and there I was, standing side stage as they introduced my band. The smile on my face was a mile wide (I think my lip muscles were actually sore afterwards:), and I was shaking! I was about to walk onto a stage that I only dreamt about as a kid.

Now here I am, at Rockridge Canyon, Project Wild, and that same sense of childlike wonder has returned. They tell us when to eat, they tell us when to play, they tell us when to learn, and they’re teaching us the way. The structure is incredibly liberating, AND there’s bunk beds. Which brings us back to the first line….. I Got Top Bunk….NOT(it pays to be punctual). Top bunk is where my childlike wonder falls off…HA! I mean, I have to pee a lot during the night, and making the trek up and down the ladder at 1AM, 3AM, 5AM, and 7AM would prove to be hazardous to my health. So, we rolled into camp early, bee lined to the dorms, and set up for a week of being a kid again. I am thankful.


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