“I get to”

I once listened to a speaker talk about changing your mindset from ” I have to” to “I get to”.

And I couldn’t think of a better statement to apply to this experience. I haven’t once thought “I have to go to a seminar about the business side of music by Bob D’eith”

It’s “I get to go to a seminar about the business side of music by Bob D’eith”

We are all soo soo fortunate to be apart of this, and every single one of the 12 acts here all portrays that attitude as well.

The energy and love that fills these beautiful wooden walls is enough to fill my cold dead heart for a while. hhahaha… that was just to throw you off because I was becoming too sentimental DEFLECT! But seriously the energy here has taken me by complete surprise, a beautiful surprise.

I really didn’t update you on anything thats going on here did I? Is that the point of a blog ? Yes. hmm okay 

Here are a few quick updates: 

  • Food is great
  • I won a high kicking contest, so even if I don’t end up placing in this competition I will still feel like a winner. I don’t have an official height but I think that it was about 6 foot 5 ish. 
  • My roomates are Sykamore and Shantelle Davidson and they are awesome “my gurllllssss.”
  • Yesterday I went down a hill in a stroller I got one injury to my heel, but I’m already recovered. 
  • When its windy the lake water moves in the direction of the wind 

And thats a pretty good update for now. I have my first showcase tonight, I will let you know how that goes tomorrow.


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