I cried a lot today.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this place makes you feel almost every emotion on the spectrum. Today was challenging… but in the best way.

We are told “it’s nothing personal” when our art isn’t well received. Whether it’s a troll on the internet, a radio station that won’t play your song, or the fact that women are underestimated in this industry, these are tough pills to swallow. It’s easier said than done to just “not take it personally”.

Our art is an extension of ourselves. Our art is like posting a page from your diary on a billboard and screaming HEY MAN, WANNA HEAR ABOUT ALL MY COMPLEX FEELINGS?

Today, I cried twice. Like a little baby. And it was really embarrassing.

But they were two different types of tears.

The first type were caused by that tight feeling in your chest you get when you feel like your whole life has been a giant fail. You analyze your life and the work you’ve done, you realize it could’ve been a million times better, panic sets in, you feel like vomiting and then you tend to be very unkind to yourself for the following 15-45 minutes.

The second kind of tears were the complete opposite. I experienced one of those moments where you feel a tidal wave of emotion coming at your face and it knocks you senseless. A feeling of acceptance. A feelings that you’re part of the team. A feeling like you belong. Realizing that you have such a strong network of wonderful people who love you, believe in you and want to nurture these music babies we make right alongside you.

Project Wild Bootcamp has been a rollercoaster of emotions. So yes… I cried today. But my day couldn’t have been any better.

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