Harvesting Songs

I’ve always loved harvest.  It’s the time on the farm when everything else in life stops and you put in long hours needed to bring in the crop.  Everyone in the family digs in and you work your guts out side by side until the last bale is in the shed or bushel is in the bin.  And then you twist off and celebrate.

This week we’re in the BC mountains sharpening our skills to advance our music careers through the incredible Project Wild program.  We are putting in long hours, side by side with music industry mentors, learning how to further build and advance our careers in this crazy business.  Up early, to bed late, with an underlying excitement around the work and purpose of the week.

Last night we were in the makeshift studio until 2 am with our amazing producer Spencer Cheyenne, working the heck out of a tune. There were five of us in the studio, side by side, digging in, working the tune, energized, excited. I thought to myself, this is like harvest on the farm – except we’re harvesting music.

Thank you to Alberta Music and Project Wild for planting the seeds. I’m looking forward to a great crop of songs.

–  Blake












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