Gratitude and Reflections

I often struggle with the busy buzz of every day life.  I forget to take time and breath and be grateful for everything that surrounds me. Life is a crazy ride and moves so quickly; it’s so important to enjoy the little things.  I am learning more and more to work this into my everyday lifestyle.

Project Wild Bootcamp holds a special place in my heart.  The new friendships I built are something you don’t come by in a typical music industry environment.  Putting so many talented like-minded musicians together in one place and letting their creative souls do their thing is so special.  Creativity comes from all over but when you are pulled out of your everyday life and dropped in a beautiful camp setting surrounded by mountains and very little distractions, creativity is definitely amplified. Inspiration is a funny thing but it definitely can be a huge motivator when it comes to creating art.  Often you don’t have to work nearly as hard for a song or an idea it presents itself when you least expect it.

I’ve had some time to reflect on so many of the great things that happened during Bootcamp.  I know I’ll never forget the positive experiences I had.  If I could explain this Bootcamp experience to anyone I would say that it is definitely a music camp anyone pursuing a career in music would benefit from.

I’ll list a few of the cool things we got to experience:

Song writing and co-writing experience;

Vocal and performance coaching;

Style educating and brand identity;

Sound theory and recording adventures;

Social media and publicity educating;

Music supervision and grant writing;

Music publishing and royalty insights;

Management and booking agent information;

Radio tracking and music program director insights;

Spare time;

Pool side fun and zip line races;

Paddle boarding and trail hikes;

Volley ball matches and lake swims;

Amazing meals with a variety of healthy options;

Coffee…need I say more… Americano’s…. repeat;

And lastly sleep…. well that’s for after bootcamp, not during!

Finally, I want to thank the Jim Pattison Group, Alberta Music, and every single person involved in making this program possible.  We artists appreciate the value a program like this has and how it can benefit successful careers in the music industry.  I will be forever grateful for the experience and all the relationships I have developed.  I wish all my friends the best and success on their musical journey.




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