Friends Family and Falsetto

The last day….A day that at first felt distant. I find myself reflecting on all that I’ve learnt but also thinking of those that I’ve met. Its amazing to me how fast you can get to know people in a situation like this, it makes you wonder why in the “Real World” it takes us so long to become connected to new people. 

Last night was a great night, we all got together and played board games, such as chess and backgammon. So fun to challenge ourselves mentally after a long day of lessons and seminars. … some of the last couple sentences might be a lie. 

After a nice long 10 hour drive home, and maybe a couple of naps I am looking forward to putting all I’ve learnt to work.

I’m curious to know how many people are reading my blogs.. I”m sorry that this one is really meh, I’m running an hour of sleep. If you read this please comment on the post with your favourite vegetable. 


Amy Out!


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