It all comes down to foundations. Mine are built on questions: what, why, and who for.

What I’m up to is chasing a dream. As I set to release this album and try to soak every ounce of inspiration and advice I can from my Project Wild experience, my foundation has been tested and affirmed. I’m right where I belong, and that’s an incredible feeling.

My answer to why I am here is what got me to this place. I wholeheartedly believe that I’m here to tell stories that make people feel something through song. Over the last decade, I’ve set my heart, my mind, my feet, and my voice to doing just that.

At this very moment, I’m in Princeton learning how to be my best. Not everyone gets this opportunity, and I’m acutely aware of how lucky I am to be a part of this magical moment.

I’m pursuing a life of song because I believe it’s important to show the people we love how to find the courage to be themselves and how to persevere through the hardships and self doubt that make you too scared to even try.

I’m doing this for the people I love: my husband, my children, my mom, my family, my band, my friends and those of you have taken the time to set their heart alongside mine on this journey. It means the world to me to have you here.

At Bootcamp, we are all travellers seeking a roadmap….where every step is the farthest we’ve been. In our dream-seeking, we are showing the next generation that they too are worthy of a dream. We are dreamers and doers. In this space, we are finding our way in the dark, together. Regardless of the outcome, the pursuit is everything that matters.

It all comes down to foundations. That’s what we’re building at Project Wild.

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