Flamingo Studios

Welcome to Flamingo Studios!

Producer: Matty McKay
Nimbus Student: Adam Stafa
Artists: Lyndsay Butler & Ryan Lindsay
Songwriters: Team Ly(i)ndsay aka Lyndsay and Ryan

Our Nimbus student (or as we lovingly have nicknamed them, Nimbits) Adam, decorated our studio with some excellent style pieces. The neon flamingo was a hit with us all as soon as we walked in and was accented perfectly with the flamingo lights in the makeshift vocal booth! It is so amazing to see the imagination and creativity that went on to turn these bunk rooms into professional recording studios. Thank You Nimbus for being a part of Project Wild.

The Waylon Shrine, as I call it, is my personal favourite addition to the space. Adam just knew what vibe to bring to the studio without even meeting us!

I can’t wait to hear the final product! Matty McKay is working his magic as I type this so we can have a listen before leaving camp.

Don’t worry I’ll share with you once its ready!

Lyndsay Butler

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