Domino dives into Day 1 and 2 at Boot Camp

Well, what can we say?? We have been blown away so far at Boot Camp! We arrived yesterday just after lunch, and were in awe with our surroundings.  This place is absolutely gorgeous! BC, why you so pretty? We love it here!

We had a 3 hour session, with Amy Metcalfe, working on the song we wrote for Boot Camp, and the cover we are going to record. Good times were had by all, and we got to also work with last years Winner – Leeroy Stagger. Man that guy has talent. Lot’s of great advice, and lots of fun.

A hockey game ensued after supper, going into sudden death overtime, where the faculty won….. barely… 😉 There are some discrepancies with the win, but …. well… I guess they deserved the win! HAH lots of fun for sure

Luanne was lucky enough to see 9 deer, and get pretty close… Deer whisperer? Maybe!!

Campfire and songs to end day 1 – then off to bed

Day 2 has consisted of an amazing morning with Tamara Beatty from The Voice…. yes that’s right, we said THE VOICE! wow!!  Kent was asked to go up on stage to work with Tamara.  What an amazing opportunity for us, to have! We will get some one on one time with her later this week.

Then off to a seminar about branding and our business with Liam Killeem. Yes this is a business kids… so lot’s to learn, and to do there. So informative. He was super funny too and we really enjoyed it.

Incredible food and being taken care of by the staff here at Rockridge. Amazing!

Another seminar this afternoon with Bob D’Eith, about the music business and how to be successful. So much incredible information and we are learning so much.

Got to spend some quality time with the incomparable Mike Plume… holy smokes! What a guy, what a talent.. what an inspiration. So much wisdom and encouragement. We can’t wait to write with him.

Tonight we record… Yes we record. Can’t wait! Get to work with the super talented John Ellis, and record 2 songs this week. We are trying to soak this all up and enjoy every second. Pretty surreal for sure.

What will the rest of the week bring??

We can’t wait to find out!



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