Day 4 in the Books!!!

Hey gang – Robb here.  Well, Day 4 is nearly in the books and The Dungarees are having a blast!  This program is really incredible; we’re getting to learn from industry experts, work with our peers, and record with producers we would otherwise never get to meet. We’re continually working outside of our comfort zone and it’s certainly paying off.  Today’s morning sessions included talks from super stylist Kate Matthews, FACTOR’s Jeff Hayward and a killer one-on-one interview with The Road Hammers’ Clayton Bellamy hosted by Wild 95.3’s Music Director Mike Shannon.  Mike also led an afternoon session about how stations like his determine what’s added and what isn’t.  Very eye opening indeed.  After dinner the showcases started and wow – what a group.  The gauntlet has definitely been thrown down……Dani-Lynn, Brad Saunders, Shantelle Davidson and Jamie Woodfin all knocked it outta the park! So excited for each of them!!  Lets check in with each of the guys for their highlights!

Darrek – The showcases were awesome. Hats off to the 4 artists who took the stage tonight as they were the first out of our group of twelve to face that challenge and blaze the trail that the rest of us will follow over the next couple days. It was pretty cool to see such serious talent in an intimate setting with our new friends here at Rockridge. 

Kiron- I loved the keynote interview Mike Shannon conducted with Clayton Bellamy.  Without going into too much detail, Clayton has a really interesting background full of ups and downs. I loved his positive attitude and incredible work ethic during both the good times and the hard times, specifically in the music industry but also generally in life. He was open, gracious and totally inspiring. Also, hats off to Mike for expertly navigating us through the terrain. Lastly, i participated and lost, to the incredible ninja warrior that is Amy Metcalfe, in a high-kicks contest. Can’t wait for day 5!

Ben – I really enjoyed the recording process here at the camp and working with our producer Winston! There’s such a good vibe in our little studio! The zip line was also a thrill  especially since I’m scared of heights! It was also good to reconnect with my good friend Liam Killeen. He held some great seminars on ‘Pitching Your Band’ as well as ‘How To Run Your Band As a Business’. Always a pleasure to hang with him.

James – I’m loving the camaraderie that’s starting to develop between all the artists here at bootcamp. We’re bonding over the shared experience. The weather today was beautiful and it was awesome to enjoy the pool and some sunshine between the keynotes today. Having a blast in the studio working on the collaboration with Cole. Winston has great ears and he has set a great tone in the studio. clayton bellamyProject WILD country logo

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