Nice Horse goes to the hospital

KATIE: 4 more hours till we track beds for our song we wrote with Mark Times! What do you wanna do?

KALEY: Let’s talk about what we learned. Like not playing competitive sports too competitively if you want to live.

KATIE: That’s right, we almost had to shoot you. Lucky you’re not a real horse.

KALEY: I learned I’m really good at playing air crutch.

KATIE: We had to take Kaley to the hospital last night after she got too crazy in the hockey game.

KALEY: This band always tells me to give 110%.

KATIE: Yeah, musically.

KALEY: You know what I liked today? Talking about outfits and taking risks, because there are some outfits that I do wear that are a little crazy, but I feel awesome in them. And there are others that look good but I don’t feel good in them.

KATIE: Yeah, is wearing pyjamas considered risky? Cuz I’m thinking it might be fun to try that.

KALEY: No, Katie.

KATIE: Even if they are sexy?

BRANDI & KRISTA: Are we even in the band anymore?

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