Day #2 – Mom’s Spaghetti

Reporting back with bad news. Hard loss to the faculty. Couple injuries. Bruised egos.

I made my debut as goalie and got lit up like a Christmas tree. I also gave my best pep talk to the crew at half time about knees being weak and arms being heavy and vomit on your sweater already but we could only rally so much. It was good to move the legs after a ten hours in the car though.

Got preproduction done on the track I am working on with Mariya and Emily and I am pumped to see how this turns out. Might be an 80s vibe by then end of it. I’ve really taken a 180 on my perception of how music sounded in the 80s and I’m starting to really be interested in synths. Maybe we can work some in subtly.

Will report back with neon leg warmers and drum reverb.

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