Nice Horse goes to bootcamp

BRANDI: Hey! We drove to bootcamp today.

KATIE: Actually, I drove.

BRANDI: True. I manned the air conditioning.

KATIE: You did a pretty good job. Somehow you slowed me down though, I can’t believe those other two old horses beat us.

BRANDI: It’s cuz I got my period.

KATIE: Yup, she said that.

BRANDIi: The negative of being in a girl band.

KATIE: Where are those other girls?

BRANDI: Filling our water bottles – oh, here they are! (Krista and Kaley hand Katie & Brandi their water bottles)

KATIE & BRANDI: Thanks ladies!

KRISTA: Hey! Safe driving always wins.

KALEY: I am very upset by this old lady comment, because Krista and I are actually the youngest. And the most beautiful.

BRANDI: Yeah, but you drive like you’re 90!

KRISTA: But we made it here first!

BRANDI: And here I thought the “Tortoise and the Hare” story was total BS.

KRISTA: Anyways, now we’re at bootcamp. What was your favourite part so far, Kaley?

KALEY: Lunch & dinner. How about you, Katie?

KATIE: I really liked jamming our new song with Mark Times, his band & Scott Franchuk. It’s pretty funny.

BRANDI: Do you wanna know my favourite part of today?


BRANDI: Watching Krista & Katie get ready for our sweet hockey game tonight.



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