Canoe Tell Me How You Got There?


We are the Canoe race champions first of all.  Not by much though.  Jessica Marsh and Geoff O’Brian had challenged myself and Erin to a canoe/kayak race.    With sweat pouring down our faces after the monumental effort we realized that we went every which direction but the one we were supposed to be going.  We had crossed the lake perpendicular, made 90 degree turns, corrected, crashed into our competitors but in the end made it to the finish line.  It didn’t even matter who won the race but more so that we got to the end without dying. 

Sometimes I feel this is the way of an independent musician.  My career already has been taking crazy turns, crashes, and 90 degree turns.  But as we spend more and more time here at Project Wild I’m realizing that this way of a music career is not uncommon.  Every seminar that we’re going to though here is another tool, another way of doing things that can point us in the  right direction. 

We got to hear from an amazing artist today Clayton Bellamy whos career had taken him all over the place in the most unexpected ways but always seemed to keep going and the perseverance has paid off.  “If you don’t stand for anything in your life, then your music won’t stand for anything either” was his message and it resonates so deeply with me and my music. 

Aside from classes and workshops we’ve been recording some AMAZING songs for the project and looking forward to showing them. 

Much love from

Ken, Erin, Harry, Geoff, and Kyle

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