Camp is fun

Dear Mom and Dad,


Camp is really fun. I was nervous about making friends but everyone is really nice and not mean. The food is so good. I had tacos and butter chicken already! Yesterday we played a hockey game and won. I don’t like hockey but I played and was actually not bad. Maybe you should put me in hockey lessons when I’m home. I’m learning a lot. It’s fun when you go to camp with people who like to do what you like to do. There are a lot of good singers here. Ryan Langois has a cool leather jacket. I’m going to save my allowance for one when I’m home. A cool guy named Karac and I wrote two songs together. We get to record them with a real band today. I think it will be cool and interesting. Thank you for packing granola bars. I shared them last night and made new friends. We had lots of pops and it was fun. Thanks for packing extra underwear too. I want to go in the pool and the lake all the time so I will need them.


bye mom


bye dad




lauren or AKA. Lucette


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