Bye Bye Goodbye

There is always a “hello” and a “goodbye” when you participate in something like Project Wild. Both are special. The anticipation of the “hello” and the reflection of the “good bye”.

This year really challenged me as an artist, specifically with really looking at what I want and what that means? What it would take to accomplish what I want? It’s been enlightening and kind of scary.

Thankfully a lot of that fear is squashed by the incredible relationships we all find at boot camp. Take a bunch of like minded creatives, deprive them of sleep, run them ragged, challenge them, cheer them on, and just watch how they come together. Watch how they let their guards down. Watch how they hold each other up. IT HAS BEEN AMAZING AND I AM THANKFUL.

It will be my last bootcamp as an artist(maybe next year as a mentor….wink wink). Two years in a row is a blessing I thought wouldn’t happen and I’m going to make the most of it.


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