Breakthroughs & Freedom

Day 4

Recorded vocals on the track today.  This song turned into a very personal song for me. I dug down deep and finally had a breakthrough singing in the studio. This can be a struggle for me sometimes. I love singing and performing but being in the studio there is no one to connect with; just you, the microphone and the emotion behind the song. It takes that much more effort to get in the right head space while recording vocals in the studio. I find that it doesn’t feel as natural to me as being on stage. But I trusted the process, let go and sang my story the way I wanted it to be heard. Spencer really helped and told me to never hold back from my true voice. The final result was really gratifying and I loved how it turned out!  


Day 5

Showcase day for me. During the bootcamp process each of the 12 artists had the chance to perform two songs in front of our peers with the amazing house band. Cody and I performed two original songs with the house band; Happy Right Now and Tongue Tied. These two new songs will be on my new album coming out this year called “The Journey”. Before each artist performed, we would watch an introduction video about themselves that they put together before coming to bootcamp. It was a great way to see who the artist really was and how they wanted to be portrayed. I was standing side stage listening to my video and I became a little emotional because the video explained how I got my start in music singing with my Grandparents. I never know how hard it’s going to hit me thinking about them since they have passed. Some days I can get through and other days it hits me like a ton of bricks. This day I was a little in between. I took a deep breathe, put my hand over my heart, thanked them for everything and jumped on stage to give it everything I got. I had an exhilarating time being free and singing my songs to everyone. I think in times like that I’ve learned to accept my emotions and use them to connect. That is what I love about music; the ability to get us through any moment. 

Stay tuned for the next chapter of this journey with me!

Musically Yours, 

Lauren Mayell?

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