Bootcamp Dream Team pt4: Meet Leeroy Stagger

Introducing some of the Project WILD Bootcamp faculty – the women and men we found who are the best at what they do, handpicked and brought to you, to coach, teach, and develop. Get to know them, connect with them via social media, and get prepared.

PART FOUR:  Leeroy Stagger

What Leeroy brings to Project WILD:  Leeroy was the 2015 winner of The Peak Performance Project! He brings all the experience of a decade of making records and touring. He knows what its like to go through this program, to go through bootcamp, to be a solo guy bringing in a band, to be a family man while being on the road, to having success early and working through obstacles in life to sustain a career. He brings all the stuff relevant to your career and is a great choice for mentor.

Leeroy Stagger is a Lethbridge based Producer and Musician. He has released 11 albums internationally to critical acclaim across the globe and has been playing throughout North America and Europe for the past 10 years. He has toured with artists such as Steve Earle, Ron Sexsmith, The Pixies, Tegan And Sara, Los Lobos and GeorgeThorogood. His music has been place in film and television shows such as Greys Anatomy, Sons Of Anarchy, Degrassi, Arctic Air, Defying Gravity and Heartland. He was also the winner of the 2015 Alberta Peak Performance Project.

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