Best time ever!

Dear Project Wild,

I had the best time ever. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned.

I feel like when I come home today, I’ll come home a slightly changed girl.

Not in crazy ways, but in more simple, subtle ways. Maybe I will walk a little taller. Maybe I will be kinder to strangers. Or maybe I will just smile a lot more because I know what my place is in the world a little bit more.

Thank you to everyone at Project Wild and RRC. It was so fun to come back to camp as an adult. I’ve grown a lot this week and have made friendships I truly value. Thank you to the mentors, work staff, nimbus, and Josh Gwilliam. I truly feel like Josh and I found something so cool and unique.

I’ve had the best time, but I can’t wait to see my dog.

love and all the feels



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