Bed Tracks & Inspiration

Day 2

We recorded the bed tracks for our song with the incredible house band. The bed tracks included drums, guitar, bass, piano, and pedal steel. It was an extraordinary experience being in the room listening to them jam out the song we wrote. Hearing the song come together from a scratch demo to live on the floor recording was great!

I also need to make a point to tell all of you how amazing the food is here. Breakfast, lunch and dinner promptly at 8,12 and 6. I don’t think I’ve ever ate so much and at the same time everyday probably since I was a little kid in school. It’s amazing. All us artists have been talking about how we either need to move here or take the cooks with us because once we are home we are all going to starve lol .. back to hot dogs and fast food on the road. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures I was too busy eating it all haha.


Day 3 

My highlight was the keynote speaker Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother. His energy, passion and talent are unparalleled. I was so moved by the way he looks at music. It gave me a reassurance to be true to who I was and not be afraid to think outside the box. Not going to lie I connected so much with his words that I became emotional talking to him one on one afterwards. He is a one of a kind human being and I am so blessed to have been in that room to hear him pass on his knowledge. I was truly inspired. Thank you Ryan! 


After all classes were done for the day Blake, Cody and I went to the studio to see our producer Spencer and hear how our song baby was coming along after he did some edits on the bed tracks. We worked out a couple things and then inspiration hit when we added in a very special piece of the puzzle; a banjo riff. This took the song from good to amazing. It added this extra attitude and special depth that wasn’t there before. I am so in love with this song so far. Can’t wait to put vocals on it, but that is for our next blog….stay tuned for the next chapter of this journey with me ! 


Musically Yours, 

Lauren Mayell ?

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