Be like Jesus…Love ’em all!-Sunday funday

Another great day of classes in the morning and how can you beat bacon and eggs for breakfast? The eggs were so fresh! If they were any fresher they’d still be in the chicken. Being that it was Sunday I consciously wore the shirt with the quote “Be like Jesus…Love ’em all” that I had custom made after my grandma Lola passed away. It was something she always used to say and it stuck with me. I got lots of compliments and every time I did i thought about my sweet Grandma whom I miss so dearly. A day of reflection happened as I awaited the boys in my band to arrive from Lethbridge.  I am so grateful to Ed, Ray and Doc for the sacrifice they made to get out here to help with the recording and showcasing portion of the boot camp. They made it just in time for supper and they were a sight for sore eyes. We ran over the arrangements for the two recorded tunes in the Studio with Scott and Liam, our producer and production assistant as well as with Sykamore. Even though he seemed to be the most tuckered out, our good doctor was chomping at the bit to play in the recording room at midnight. Unfortunately it seemed more efficient to have him begin on overdub day Monday. He like a few others that didn’t have to be there stayed to the bitter end with the House recording band. WHAT AN ALL STAR LINEUP. Patrick Steward, Mike Little, and Jay Beuttner (so good to see him again, it had been way too long) accompanied Ray Banman and Ed Johnson in the session.  Sykamore and I basically sat back and watched the magic unfold with a front row seat. The whole session felt good but who knows if we made the right technical decisions being as fatigued as we all were. We tried our best… Many thanks again to those A list players for being so committed to it right to the final take. The Nimbus students were in for a lot of work after and i felt bad for them that they had to wait til we were done, then tear down until they could go to bed. Although it was arduous for them I would pop over to where they were sitting in the corner and share a few laughs with them. They are neat to watch and be around….so much light and energy in their eyes. Makes me hope I exude the same hunger with the more worldly eyes I look through. 

Talk tomorrow



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