Bad Mood? Here’s my favourite fix.

Today, I showed up to Bootcamp very tired and a little grumpy. Traveling for two days combined with a very early start this morning, and a 40-minute detour to find fuel on the way to my destination was wearing on me; I was thankful to be at RockRidge Canyon but wasn’t feeling as excited as I hoped to be when I arrived.

The second I stepped into the studio with my co-writer Mark Times and our producer Emily Bachinski, everything changed.

Working on harmonies and riffing on production ideas got me so excited about turning our little acoustic scratch track into a full-blown pop banger. It pulled me out of my slump and put my head in the space it needed to be in for the rest of camp – focused, excited, and ready to dive in headfirst into creating music.

It’s crazy to me that no matter what has happened during the day, as soon as I start doing the work that I love, my whole attitude changes and I forget about all the little things that were getting me down. Making music my fail-safe cure for an off-mood and I am so freaking excited that I get to be immersed in it so heavily all week. Only good vibes here, friends <3

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