Awkward Moments with Tanya Ryan

I knew upon entering bootcamp that I would, at some point over the course of the week, put my foot in my mouth. And whilst I’m happy to say that it’s been a significantly lesser amount than I would have anticipated… here’s a summary of my awkward endeavours:

In the car on the way to camp:

Heath: “Well this should be interesting, I am excited to see how this week plays out.”

Me: “Yes, it will be interesting. Put a bunch of introverted adults together in a socially charged setting for a week straight… no one will be able to poop the whole time.”

(I had known Heath a whole 10 hours prior to this conversation. He still talks to me. I’ve made him my best friend. He doesn’t know this yet.)


Over breakfast I was looking at Lucas Chaisson rather intently. He caught my gaze and I quickly averted eye contact (I should note, we were at the same table, 3 chairs apart.) Once he looked away I started looking at him again… and again, busted.

Me: “I’m sorry. I’m looking at you. And it’s not normal.” *pause* “I just think you’re handsome. And so I want to look at you.” *longer pause* “I’m sorry. I’m awkward.”


Upon being introduced to Bob D’Eith (the person that wrote our assigned text books for this program) my bud ratted me out that I read it pretty last minute.

Me: “Yeah! I got carsick reading your book on the way here.”




I told our sound technician that his moustache looked like someone else’s that I knew. Except smaller. Then back-pedalled profusely in case this offended his masculinity in some way.


Upon finding out I would be the first to showcase at camp:

Normal Person: “Are you first tonight?”
Me: “Yeah. I’m taking the theatre’s virginity.”


I’m hoping this will be a single-post and not become a series… wish me luck with that.


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