Reasons Why Boot Camp Reigns Supreme

Project WILD hockey

1. Every hour of my life is scheduled; I know exactly where to be at every minute of my day and it’s glorious. It’s different than say, my real life where I have to create my own margins of time, that are about as reliable as the “Apple” headphones I bought in Chinatown last summer.…

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1: Gratitude, The Knievel Bros and Grizzly Lunchables


My name is Sykamore. And I am a player of music, a writer of songs and probably most importantly, a lover of tzatziki sauce and adventures. This year I’ve been selected as one of 12 finalists to participate in a country artist development program called Project Wild, formerly known as the Peak Performance Project.

This particular adventure started on Thursday Aug 25th when I had to drive from Kelowna to Princeton, BC – which really shouldn’t have been memorable at all, with the exception of the breathtaking scenery and copious wildlife everywhere [Canada, amiright]. EXCEPT I am, at best, a partial adult. Which is the reason why when I saw a sign leaving Kelowna that said CHECK FUEL, NEXT SERVICE 105 KM – I looked at my own gas gauge, that said 113 KM, and thought, yep we’re doing this.

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