“It’s not goodbye – it’s see you later..”

shantelle davidson

Where do I start.. Lastnight was the icing on the cake! Listening to the songs we created with our amazing Producers ( while wearing ridiculous attire) was a definite highlight for me.
The bond that is created when you write with another human being is very special and incomparable. It is fascinating to see something so beautiful come from nothing. Thoughts put into words, words put into music…I am so humbled to be a part of this group of people. I absolutely loved the mason jars full of lovely notes from my new friends. To top off a wonderful day of reflection – we sang with Mike Plume around a camp fire..What a treat!

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The “Gut Feeling”…

Something that really resonated with me today was during Aimee Hill’s presentation. As an Artist Branding is very important. How do I want to present myself? What will my brand look like? How do I want to be perceived? What really cleared the air for me was when Aimee’s presentation explained the “Gut Feeling”. When you look at the Apple symbol on your Mac Book – what do you think about? For me it’s a world of possibility, innovation and creativity. Also, the “apple a day keeps the doctor away” thing.. I think about being in elementary school and the old Apple computer my Mom had. I have never thought of my brand in this way before.. How important and powerful it can be! So – my mission is to give my audience an amazing “gut feeling” every show and every time someone buys my cd or merchandise. Thank you Aimee Hill!

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Waking up in Paradise~

Shantelle Davidson

I was a party pooper last night after our epic hockey game (even though we lost) and decided to go straight to bed. It was a good decision, because I woke up in an excellent mood!! I am a morning person. This morning I decided to go for a run around the beautiful manmade lake at RockRidge Canyon and do a headstand in the grass. It was a great day!!

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