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Posts by Ryan Lindsay

Ryan Lindsay – “Bukowski”

It is the final day of Project Wild bootcamp. Has it ever flown by. It was such a great opportunity to take a step back and take this program in; to hone in, refine, and grow as an artist. The guest speakers here have challenged me to think beyond the fringes of who I am,…

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Ryan Lindsay – “Collab With The Outdoors”

It’s DAY 4 here at bootcamp! Recording is well under way for the songwriting challenge. Lyndsay Butler and I are recording a song titled “That’s The Way Things Go,” based on the theme calling me back again. Recording that song throughout bootcamp has been a really fun process, and has also served as a reflective…

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Ryan Lindsay – “Coin Toss” (Blog 1)

It’s DAY 1 here at RockRidge Canyon for Project Wild bootcamp. The camp is a relatively remote location south east of Princeton, BC, and once you are down in the valley it really gives you the sense of being “away.” Descending the narrow winding road on my drive in was an incredible feeling – it…

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