2. Feels Like Home – Ramblings of Project Wild Lifers

Can we just share how epic this week has been? We showcased in front of our peers on Saturday night… it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Out of 12 artist performances, ours was the first. Standing in the dark, staring down at our instruments as our introductory video played for all to…

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#1. Reflections of a Project Wild Lifer

Okay, so first of all, let us begin by saying that this has been the best and strangest summer ever. Best because we were asked to be a part of Project Wild at the last minute – and stangest for that very same reason. We received an email marked “URGENT” one groggy Wednesday morning but…

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Learning to Trust

We would be lying if we said that we didn’t want to the win this thing, but the further we go along with Project Wild, the more we are learning this is so much bigger than that.

Everyday we’re learning something new and gaining endless amounts of wisdom and encouragement from everyone here from faculty to the artists. Katie and I had a great talk with a few key people that both inspired us and helped bring us back around to why we do what we do. Musician and gifted songwriter Mike Plume has been the greatest inspiration – reminding us that it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype around the crazy and exciting world of the music industry, but in the end, it’s all about the music. That’s how it is, and how it needs to stay. Always.

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Bootcamp Day 1: Dude, Where’s My Sleep?

Midnight Lights @ Rockridge Canyon Camp

Are we having fun? Yes.

Are we learning a ton? Oh yeah.

Have we swam in the lake yet? No, but that is definitely going to be happening. The Blob, anyone?

What about our co-write with Ken? Turning out so awesome. As Russell (our producer) said, “Wow, we really pulled that one out of the ditch”. Couldn’t agree with you more, buddy.

What about sleep? So far, the outlook is not good.

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