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Posts by Mariya Stokes

Blanket Forts and the Sound of Jupiter Make Rad Records

Most straight-ahead country songs are recorded in professional studios, but I found out this week that playing the sound of Jupiter’s soundwaves in a blanket fort made of upside down bunkbeds is also a pretty great way to make a record. Part of the Project WILD Bootcamp experience this week was writing a song with…

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The Creature In The Wall

There is a creature that lives in the walls of my house. She creeps out at night and whispers words and melodies in my ears, so quietly that sometimes I can barely hear them. If I don’t capture them the moment I hear them, my little muse disappears into the night and sends her ideas…

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Bad Mood? Here’s my favourite fix.

Today, I showed up to Bootcamp very tired and a little grumpy. Traveling for two days combined with a very early start this morning, and a 40-minute detour to find fuel on the way to my destination was wearing on me; I was thankful to be at RockRidge Canyon but wasn’t feeling as excited as…

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5 Things I Learned At Project Wild Bootcamp | Mariya Stokes

1) Teamwork makes the dream work – surrounding myself with people I trust, and who believe in my vision is everything. During our keynote sessions this week with agent/manager Jim Cressman and manager Melissa McMaster, they both talked about how the most successful business relationships they have are based on mutual respect, a shared vison,…

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Why I started music | Mariya Stokes

I was distracted when I was sitting down to write this blog – which was supposed to be about my favourite memories from this week – at 1am by a noise outside.   When I went to see what all the racket was about, I found about twenty people – a mixed group of artists, sound…

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