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Posts by Lauren Mayell

Bed Tracks & Inspiration

Day 2 We recorded the bed tracks for our song with the incredible house band. The bed tracks included drums, guitar, bass, piano, and pedal steel. It was an extraordinary experience being in the room listening to them jam out the song we wrote. Hearing the song come together from a scratch demo to live…

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Stories & Friendships

Day 6 Final day. I can’t believe how fast it went by. All the knowledge I took in to help me grow as an artist and the friendships I made during bootcamp have left me feeling so grateful to have experienced the whole thing. Even though I think we all had maybe a total of…

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Breakthroughs & Freedom

Day 4 Recorded vocals on the track today.  This song turned into a very personal song for me. I dug down deep and finally had a breakthrough singing in the studio. This can be a struggle for me sometimes. I love singing and performing but being in the studio there is no one to connect…

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Intro to Project Wild Bootcamp 2019

We arrived at the Project Wild Bootcamp on Friday August 23. The view is just breathtaking as soon as you drive into camp. That immediately set the tone for the whole week. It gives you this freedom; an openness that allows the creativity to flow through you when you are here.  Day 1 we got…

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