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Posts by Julia Vos

The End

The End Augus 29, 2019 Alright folks, this is the last one for the books. I am going to try to do my best to recap some of the highlights, and thank all of the amazing people I had the privilege of working with.   The Song As said in one of my previous blog…

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The Ladies

The Ladies Augus 28, 2019 Alright folks we are going to keep this one short and sweet if we can, and for a head’s up if you want to know more about females who inspire me you can check out my Instagram @juliavos   Now! Let’s hear it for the ladies. Seriously get up off…

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The Climb

The Climb August 26, 2019 Note: must read to end for final picture Cue in Miley Cyrus…Just kidding. But let’s focus on the title of that song for a minute and you’ll see why it’s not as cheesy as you thought. A lovely group of people from bootcamp decided it would be a good idea…

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The Room

The Room   August 24, 2019     To give you some preface on what us artists get to do while we are here…we basically are constantly learning from industry professionals, working on our craft, creating music, and working with some awesome producers.   Introducing my next new buddies, Ben Chase and Elisa Pangsaeng. Ben and…

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The Drive

The Drive   August 22/23, 2019   This was the start of our journey to a week we would never forget. It can be a bit scary at first, getting to know so many new people and artists…Am I cool? Will they like me? Why does this feel like the first day of grade 7?…

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