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Posts by Lucas Chaisson

Lucas Chaisson – Boot Camp Showcase Recap

The week is coming to an end here at Rockridge Canyon. Over the past 3 nights we saw all of the Top 12 artists perform a 20 minute set. All of the artists here are so different – I feel like all segments of country music were represented well this week. The first two nights…

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Home Time

Well, boot camp has come to an end. I learned a great many things over our week here. I learned so much about the music business. I also learned that bringing 4 guitars to camp is a bit overkill, and bringing one pair of socks was not enough. I have so much to think about…

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Project Wild Boot Camp – Day One – We Are The Champions

We made it! After a long drive from Edmonton to Vancouver to play The Heatley on Tuesday night, the Lucette crew and I rolled into boot camp around lunchtime on Thursday. Big big thanks to Mark Times and his bandmates for driving out my partner in crime Andrea. Rockridge Canyon is beautiful. We’re nestled in…

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