The first evening at boot camp was fantastic! When we arrived and met with our producers / writing partners to go over the songs we had written. Later in the evening we had the annual “Artist vs Faculty” ball hockey game where we took back the Dungarees cup 🙂 All in all a great…

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Project Freakin WILD

I knew project wild boot camp was going to be incredible but it has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I feel that we are getting so many great tools to help advance our music careers.
Now that we have been here for a few days we are getting to know each other. It’s been great to see all of us cheering each other on.

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Arriving at Project WILD

brad saunders

Arriving at Boot Camp

Where do I start! Project wild boot camp has been absolutely incredible already, When we arrived I was blown away by the scenery. The facility is laid out perfectly for this program. We drove several miles into the secluded back country. The camp is situated right on the lake with an amazing view of surrounding mountains. Leading up to the camp we were assigned a partner to write a song with. On day One we met with our producers. Our producer is Carly Mckillip.

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