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Posts by Ben Chase

What an experience

I started writing while driving that long gravel road, departing bootcamp. One of the most beautiful camps I have ever seen. Im leaving with, knowledge, drive, inspiration, and some really amazing memories. My time at PW bootcamp 2019 has been unreal. I gained so much knowledge in areas that I wanted, and also some I…

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Inspired Once Again

I knew coming into this bootcamp that I would learn a lot of valuable things to help me in my career. However, I also had hopes that had been fulfilled. Those hopes were to find inspiration for songwriting again. For the majority of the summer, I was doubting my songwriting ability. Partially because I was…

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Now I get why they call it Project WILD!

As an east coast raised kid, the closest thing we have to a mountain is a hill… A very small hill… So since moving to Alberta, I absolutely love getting the chance to visit the mountains. They always amaze me. And this place, RockRidge Canyon is BEAUTIFUL. I’ve seen pictures of this place, but like…

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