And on that note, let’s grab some ice cream.

Writing songs poolside, swatting wasps and munching on ranch veggie straws. I really enjoyed soaking in time with Matty McKay recording and might connect with Marc Rogers in Nashville this weekend for coffee and start on Skype lessons. These are the opportunities boot camp is able to offer and we are sooooooo grateful for that. We are both learning and experiencing the tools necessary to be successful in this industry. Meeting new people is a very powerful thing and you never know how that connection can change your life. – Josh ?

Okay Josh is so right .. can we just TALK about how incredible our 2018 Bootcamp house band is?! Having previously performed with musicians of varying ability & talent (obvs not including the always amazing & incredible Josh Ruz of course) playing with these guys the other night with a real treat. And shout out to our amazing faculty who made sure everyone got a rehearsal AND a soundcheck, I believe it elevated everyone’s performance by 110%. Although going on night one definitely had its perks, it would’ve been cool to see some of the other performances to just take some inspiration into what I could’ve done more of with my stage show.

I had kind of an odd day yesterday, aside from the obvious of being just super tired, I was swinging in and out of a weird emotional feeling. I had a work block after lunch and so I sat down to do some planning and go through the past final reports, sometimes I tend to see daunting tasks as one big monster and forget to break it up and take things one by one. I saw those reports and just kinda felt that daunting feeling that I believe most artists get sometimes and I just had to step away, call my mom and have a slight meltdown.

On a sunnier note, I was able to find a sliver of time to finally get into the lake & go paddleboarding with the Julianna the surfing queen herself! I think we were all pretty ecstatic when we saw that sun pop out from behind the clouds and began to give us a sunny start to the end of our beautiful week here at Rockridge. Also, I gotta get down to the Copper room snack bar and try that delicious looking ice cream Josh walked up to me with waffle cone with cookie dough ice cream (which, by the way, is MY favourite) and didn’t even offer me a bite! Ruuuudeeeeee.

So you scream (because of the wifi), I scream (because the week’s almost over), we all scream for ice cream (and also maybe a few more minutes of sleep).

Stay sunny everyone ☀️

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