A safe place to fart…

I quite enjoy long drives by myself. I look forward to the countless stops at Timmy’s and singing my little heart out for 9 hours. But… I swear it wasn’t ALL me… but my car smelled something fierce like dirty beef and it made the drive interesting to say the least.


I have been equal parts excited and anxious to return to Project WILD boot camp. I have literally been craving more time at the stunning RockRidge Canyon camp. It’s the coolest place. Makes the camp I went to as a kid look like a dump. I’m excited for the knowledge that is gonna be jam packed into my brain. I know the headache will be worth it. I think the best part is that the rest of the top 12 are all my pals and we are gonna have a riot this week.


The work ahead is pretty daunting but it also gets me real jacked up. I’m really motivated and inspired to make this week productive. I don’t think I have ever been more ready for anything in my life.


We put up quite the fight during the annual street hockey game last night. With an inspiring pep talk from Mark Times, we were more than jacked up to play. Even though we did not come out champions, we still played an intense game. Pretty sure the faculty team had 30 people on it. They just benched their cherry pickers and sent out the heavy hitters… so…


I have found a place of solace amongst the chaos here at RockRidge Canyon. Spent some of my free time today on their beautiful beach perched high on the two story dock overlooking the picturesque lake. It also doubles as a safe place to break wind and focus your thoughts.


I will continue to look out for my pals nostrils this week since the food is rich and plentiful. Last night we had tacos… I am currently in the dining hall awaiting another delicious meal and I am stoked for a full night of tracking in our bunk bed studio.


Infinitely thankful to be here.

Signing off,

Michela Sheedy xx

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