5 Questions with Andrea Nixon

Project WILD would like you to know each of the 2017 Top 12 even better. We prepared five questions for each of the artists/bands to help us learn a little more.

1. What brought you to country/roots music?

I was drawn to country music as a child. I remember hearing Patsy Cline and connecting to that soulful sadness her voice bore so beautifully.  I was blessed to have my formative music years in the early 1990s when women were center stage. Women like Kathy Mattea, Suzy Bogguss and Michelle Wright, just to name a few, were telling their stories and uncovering moments often cloaked under the cover of family matters.  Going through some turmoil at home myself, with a loving though tumultuous childhood experience,   I found solace and ultimately, myself.

2. When did you write your first song – as an artist or as a band?

I wrote my first song ten years ago, after the birth of my first child, Abigail. It is called “Finding Home” and spoke to my experience meeting and falling in love with my husband. Having come up with the lyrics and vocal melody I sang the song acapella at a local, coffee shop. A woman in the audience suggested a friend, by the name of Kevin Smith, who could chart it for me. One summer evening he came over and I sang and he charted. That night, we recorded my first song. It was a real turning point, sending me on a new path of life exploration through song.

3. If you could go on tour opening for any performing artist right now who would it be?

If I could go on tour as an opener right now, I’d be honored to open for Margo Price. Her tell it like it is approach to song writing and our common adoration for the classic country singers that came before us would make our pairing a dream come true.

4. What is the best trend in country/roots music right now?

The best trend in country music right now is a return to real. Artists like Chris Stapleton are talking about life’s best kept secrets, mental illness, marital difficulties and the work it takes to wade through this life without sinking and making it ok again to tell the truth in country and have our musical landscape reflect every day of the week and every moment of our lives.

5. What part of Project WILD are you most looking forward to?

I am excited about the entire process! To pick on aspect though I would have to say that I’m most looking forward to the learning. I’ve been climbing imaginary cliffs without a ladder and I’d sure like to have one. The experience, perspective and tips offered by the artists and industry experts through Project Wild are invaluable to someone like me, trying to blaze a trail in the dark.

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