30 hours into Bootcamp: Rematch anyone?

“You miss 100% shots that you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky.

Yesterday, we lost against the faculty in the annual boot camp hockey match. I couldn’t sleep last night because the sadness of not lifting the trophy over my head gave me nightmares. Our amazing Top 12 artist team rallied back from a 4-1 deficit after the first period to send the game into overtime at 4-4. An unfortunate bounce saw the faculty pot the game winner 5 minutes into OT. The worst part of the loss was seeing the smiles from producer Josh Gwilliam and business manager Liam Killeen on the opposing end. All kidding aside, it was so much fun and I enjoyed every second.

I have been at Rocky Ridge Canyon as part of the PW boot camp for around 30 hours so far and it has been incredible! I’m so lucky to hang with my fellow Top 12 finalists, and the amazing PW faculty for the next seven days. Today, we had the opportunity to hear from the extremely talented voice and performance coach Tamara Beatty. Tamara is a total pro and I am looking forward to hearing her advice later on in the week about what she thinks I can do in terms of improving my overall performance. It was also a pleasure being able to hear from Liam Killeen and Bob D’Eith about their advice on how to conquer the music business and the business world in general. I never take for granted the amazing people I get the opportunity of working with in this business!

As of right now, I am in the studio with my pals “The Dungarees” and producer Winston Hauschild. It is so much fun working with these fellas. James Murdoch (lead singer and bass for The Dungarees) just walked out of the room and the band and I have decided that I am going to take over bass duties from now going forward. I believe that my two minutes of air bass makes me qualified for this new position. 😉

Way too excited for the upcoming days here at boot camp. If you need me, I will be talking to our organizer Carly Klassen about scheduling a rematch.

Game on,


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