Ryan Langlois

Ryan Langlois Bio

Ryan Langlois is a barstool balladeer who can turn ordinary moments into lessons in wisdom and grace. Every time he takes the stage, he gives all he has to offer, and something special happens. He can also straight up entertain!

With achingly honest lyrics, rich melodies, and a ruggedly soulful voice, Ryan is just now truly starting to find himself. As an artist, a husband, and a father.

It’s taken 15-plus years for Langlois to get to this point as an artist (he didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 22 years old). Along the way, he’s experienced highs and lows — including Canadian Idol auditions, national success as the frontman and co-songwriter of the award winning independent country band The Boom Chucka Boys, the break up that followed, and bouts of severe anxiety and depression.

He appears determined to embrace where he is now and who he is, unapologetically.

“I want to make music for people who’ve been through some shit and are still standing." - RL

Most recently Ryan was nominated for Male Artist Of The Year and Album Of The Year at the Alberta Country Music Awards and his first single as a solo artist, LIGHT AND DARK, was very well received by industry and radio all across Canada. He continues to write, perform, and pursue his dream.


Project WILD Bootcamp pairing:  Shaela Miller

5 Questions With... Ryan Langlois

1. What brought you to country/roots music?

Honestly, I was born with it in my blood and it’s always been the main genre for the soundtrack of my life. I actually spent a lot of money and time taking voice lessons to lessen the country in my voice. I wanted to sing like Robert Plant! Thankfully I finally realized it’s who I am and I was much better off embracing the voice the good Lord gave me.

2. When did you write your first song - as an artist or with a band?

I was around 20 years old when I wrote my first song. A late starter I know!

3. If you could go on tour opening to any performing artist right now, who would it be?

If I could go on tour with any artist it’d be Corb Lund. He’s the reason I started writing and performing music. He’s so honest and interesting. The best part of the tour would be hanging in the bus after shows, sipping beer, and discussing Louis L’Amour novels.

4. What is the best trend in country/roots music right now?

Best trend in country music(on the radio anyways)is Brothers Osborne! Amazing melodies, wicked musicianship, and incredible production.

5. What part of Project WILD are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to building relationships with fellow artists and industry experts. Boot camp is going to be amazing!