2017 top 12 artists

Congratulations to the 2017 Top 3!

1st Place: Brad Saunders
2nd Place: Nice Horse
3rd Place: Tanya Ryan

Congratulations to the 2017 Top 12!

Each year, the Top 12 is chosen from hundreds of applications, by a thorough process conducted by multiple juries. The Top 12 each receive a Development Award of $5000 upon entry to the program, while taking part in an Artist Development Bootcamp, the Showcase Series, and completing a series of career-enhancing challenges ~ all to determine the winners of $100,953 / $75,000 / $50,000 prizes.

2017 Artist Blogs

Day 4 – Well I was able to finally get to sleep after my showcase and it was the best sleep I have had at camp so far, and i think most of it was due to the fact that I didn’t have my showcase set hanging over me, and was able to truly let…
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Lucas Chaisson – Boot Camp Showcase Recap
The week is coming to an end here at Rockridge Canyon. Over the past 3 nights we saw all of the Top 12 artists perform a 20 minute set. All of the artists here are so different – I feel like all segments of country music were represented well this week. The first two nights…
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I love camp
Dear mom and dad, As you can see from the photos I sent… I LOVE CAMP! I’ve got to do so many fun things like zip lining, kayaking, and swimming in the lake! I love all of my new friends too. Everyone is so great at what they do. Tonight we get to hear everyone’s…
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Best time ever!
Dear Project Wild, I had the best time ever. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned. I feel like when I come home today, I’ll come home a slightly changed girl. Not in crazy ways, but in more simple, subtle ways. Maybe I will walk a little taller. Maybe I will be kinder…
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Voyage To Venus…Be Undeniable
Voyage To Venus…Be Undeniable. “A man who has been in another world, does not come back unchanged”. – CS Lewis (yep, I dabble in sci-fi:) That is how I feel after this almost surreal journey at PW2017 Bootcamp. Maybe it’s a product of where I am at in my journey, maybe it’s true for all…
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