2017 top 12 artists

Congratulations to the 2017 Top 3!

1st Place: Brad Saunders
2nd Place: Nice Horse
3rd Place: Tanya Ryan

Congratulations to the 2017 Top 12!

Each year, the Top 12 is chosen from hundreds of applications, by a thorough process conducted by multiple juries. The Top 12 each receive a Development Award of $5000 upon entry to the program, while taking part in an Artist Development Bootcamp, the Showcase Series, and completing a series of career-enhancing challenges ~ all to determine the winners of $100,953 / $75,000 / $50,000 prizes.

2017 Artist Blogs

Nice Horse has a Wardrobe Malfunction
KRISTA: Hey Kaley, what was your favourite part of yesterday? KALEY: When Brandi let me look at her nipple. BRANDI: I didn’t let you! It was an accident. Don’t worry, I put on a bra. KATIE: For the first time ever. KRISTA: Do you think that’s the reason we put on a good show? KATIE:…
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Home Time
Well, boot camp has come to an end. I learned a great many things over our week here. I learned so much about the music business. I also learned that bringing 4 guitars to camp is a bit overkill, and bringing one pair of socks was not enough. I have so much to think about…
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The End Is Not The End
Boot camp is over… I think we are all genuinely concerned about the lack of food after today. There seems to be this common knowledge that you leave here a little round. Our pontoon party cruiser captain made us all move to the back of the boat last night so he could reverse… My list…
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Nice Horse Adds A 5th Member
BRANDI: Guys, I found my dancing soul mate last night. KRISTA: It’s Dustin, isn’t it? BRANDI: Oh yeah, it’s also Dustin. I have two. The other one is Tanya Ryan. KATIE: Tanya, get over here! You’re in the band! TANYA: Yessss! KATIE: Hey Liam, go away and stop distracting Kaley. LIAM: Oh yeah? KATIE: This…
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Voyage To Venus…Be Undeniable
Voyage To Venus…Be Undeniable. “A man who has been in another world, does not come back unchanged”. – CS Lewis (yep, I dabble in sci-fi:) That is how I feel after this almost surreal journey at PW2017 Bootcamp. Maybe it’s a product of where I am at in my journey, maybe it’s true for all…
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