Reasons Why Boot Camp Reigns Supreme

Project WILD hockey

1. Every hour of my life is scheduled; I know exactly where to be at every minute of my day and it’s glorious. It’s different than say, my real life where I have to create my own margins of time, that are about as reliable as the “Apple” headphones I bought in Chinatown last summer.…

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The Sun is Shining

Trevor Panczak

The morning horn went off at 7:50…Just in time for breakfast. I’m sure that everyday I rise and make my bed and step out onto the deck of our dorm cabin that I will be in awe of where we all are. What a blessing this is. The food is great with a good selection.

The first session of the day was with Tamara Beatty the Vocal coach from “The Voice” among other great things. She gave a very heartfelt and sincere session. There was a lot of affirmations of what Diane Sheets has taught me but also some other new tricks and things to consider.

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Project WILD – Bootcamp Begins


I arrived into Project WILD bootcamp Friday morning which is being held just outside of Princeton BC at an amazing location called Rockridge Canyon Resort! On day one we signed in and went over the program outline and what it would look like for the week. The view is absolutely stunning with mountains surrounding us, with a beautiful timber lodge chalet smack down in the middle of all of it. It’s hard to put into words the excitement I think everyone is feeling but it’s a pretty special place with a great atmosphere.

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30 hours into Bootcamp: Rematch anyone?

Cole Bradley

I have been at Rocky Ridge Canyon as part of the PW boot camp for around 30 hours so far and it has been incredible! I’m so lucky to hang with my fellow Top 12 finalists, and the amazing PW faculty for the next seven days. Today, we had the opportunity to hear from the extremely talented voice and performance coach Tamara Beatty. Tamara is a total pro and I am looking forward to hearing her advice later on in the week about what she thinks I can do in terms of improving my overall performance. It was also a pleasure being able to hear from Liam Killeen and Bob D’Eith about their advice on how to conquer the music business and the business world in general. I never take for granted the amazing people I get the opportunity of working with in this business!

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He Shoots! He Snores!!!


We rolled into beautiful Rockridge Canyon around noon to check into the Project Wild Bootcamp, our home for the next week. We were happy to see that some good pals, like Scott Franchuk from Edmonton, would be spending the week with us. Also our roommate for the week, our bud Trevor. Between the 6 of us in our dorm, there’s a lot of snoring taking place. Sorry to the neighbours!

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Domino dives into Day 1 and 2 at Boot Camp

Well, what can we say?? We have been blown away so far at Boot Camp! We arrived yesterday just after lunch, and were in awe with our surroundings. This place is absolutely gorgeous! BC, why you so pretty? We love it here!

We had a 3 hour session, with Amy Metcalfe, working on the song we wrote for Boot Camp, and the cover we are going to record. Good times were had by all, and we got to also work with last years Winner – Leeroy Stagger. Man that guy has talent. Lot’s of great advice, and lots of fun.

A hockey game ensued after supper, going into sudden death overtime, where the faculty won….. barely… 😉 There are some discrepancies with the win, but …. well… I guess they deserved the win! HAH lots of fun for sure

Luanne was lucky enough to see 9 deer, and get pretty close… Deer whisperer? Maybe!!

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Project WILD: The fun is in the getting there

trevor panczak

What a way week it was leading up to Project Wild 2016 boot camp. The band and I had performances going on all week long for Whoop-Up Days Lethbridge. A parade and pancake breakfasts every morning and two night performances including the main stage show on the Gas King stage on Tuesday night and a…

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Ken Stead at Project Wild!!

Just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce this incredible band that came with me to Project Wild and to fill you in on how the first 2 days have gone. Harry Gregg is groovin the bass, Geoff O’Brian is killin the skins, Kyle Mosiuk is slayin the electric and Erin Kays smooth vocals are backin me up. Super excited to have these guys along for this incredible opportunity.

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Bootcamp Day 1: Dude, Where’s My Sleep?

Midnight Lights @ Rockridge Canyon Camp

Are we having fun? Yes.

Are we learning a ton? Oh yeah.

Have we swam in the lake yet? No, but that is definitely going to be happening. The Blob, anyone?

What about our co-write with Ken? Turning out so awesome. As Russell (our producer) said, “Wow, we really pulled that one out of the ditch”. Couldn’t agree with you more, buddy.

What about sleep? So far, the outlook is not good.

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Arriving at Project WILD

brad saunders

Arriving at Boot Camp

Where do I start! Project wild boot camp has been absolutely incredible already, When we arrived I was blown away by the scenery. The facility is laid out perfectly for this program. We drove several miles into the secluded back country. The camp is situated right on the lake with an amazing view of surrounding mountains. Leading up to the camp we were assigned a partner to write a song with. On day One we met with our producers. Our producer is Carly Mckillip.

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