So there was that…


Aside from taking in all of the info packed sessions and recording with some of the best producers our area has to offer, we have done our best to take in some of the beautiful scenery on our down time, from morning runs, to zip lining, to hiking, we have certainly taken in some fresh mountain air! One moment that I didn’t anticipate taking part in our week of development also occurred today. While taking in the breathtaking view on our hike, there was a rustling in the bushes a few yard ahead. I’m sure you have already guessed at this point that it was a bear.. and no less, a grizzly bear, narrowly crossing our path.

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Learning to Trust

We would be lying if we said that we didn’t want to the win this thing, but the further we go along with Project Wild, the more we are learning this is so much bigger than that.

Everyday we’re learning something new and gaining endless amounts of wisdom and encouragement from everyone here from faculty to the artists. Katie and I had a great talk with a few key people that both inspired us and helped bring us back around to why we do what we do. Musician and gifted songwriter Mike Plume has been the greatest inspiration – reminding us that it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype around the crazy and exciting world of the music industry, but in the end, it’s all about the music. That’s how it is, and how it needs to stay. Always.

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Tears, Teams and Tired Eyes

The last few days are almost hard to put into words.

But, this is a blog, so we will do our best. We have been taught, mentored and have made some amazing friendships.

The lack of sleep seems to not be affecting us as much as we thought it would. Maybe it’s the mountain air. Maybe it’s the people we are surrounded by…. maybe it’s something in the water. But maybe, just maybe it is because we are immersed in our passion. What makes our blood flow. What we were born to do. Surrounded by others with the same demons that haunt them late at night, just like us. To create. To have a voice. To do …. something… to share.

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“I get to”

I once listened to a speaker talk about changing your mindset from ” I have to” to “I get to”.
And I couldn’t think of a better statement to apply to this experience. I haven’t once thought “I have to go to a seminar about the business side of music by Bob D’eith”
It’s “I get to go to a seminar about the business side of music by Bob D’eith”
We are all soo soo fortunate to be apart of this, and every single one of the 12 acts here all portrays that attitude as well.

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In the presence of royalty

trevor panczak

I was delighted to see that Clayton Bellamy would be a keynote speaker this morning. He truly is a Road Hammer. A through the trenches artist that has never given up and believed that he had a message to deliver. He still does and it was awesome for all of us to hear him speak. The food stays consistently good and healthy and there’s plenty of it. Mike Shannon kept us captivated about the ins and outs of radio. He is an excellent speaker and interviewer. He ran the Clayton Bellamy session in a “Between two Ferns” kind of way…Very cool.

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Be like Jesus…Love ’em all!-Sunday funday

Trevor Panczak Sykamore

Another great day of classes in the morning and how can you beat bacon and eggs for breakfast? The eggs were so fresh! If they were any fresher they’d still be in the chicken. Being that it was Sunday I consciously wore the shirt with the quote “Be like Jesus…Love ’em all” that I had custom made after my grandma Lola passed away. It was something she always used to say and it stuck with me. I got lots of compliments and every time I did i thought about my sweet Grandma whom I miss so dearly. A day of reflection happened as I awaited the boys in my band to arrive from Lethbridge.

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Canoe Tell Me How You Got There?

Clayton Bellamy Ken Stead

We are the Canoe race champions first of all. Not by much though. Jessica Marsh and Geoff O’Brian had challenged myself and Erin to a canoe/kayak race. With sweat pouring down our faces after the monumental effort we realized that we went every which direction but the one we were supposed to be going. We had crossed the lake perpendicular, made 90 degree turns, corrected, crashed into our competitors but in the end made it to the finish line. It didn’t even matter who won the race but more so that we got to the end without dying.

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Day 4 in the Books!!!

Clayton Bellamy Ken Stead

Hey gang – Robb here. Well, Day 4 is nearly in the books and The Dungarees are having a blast! This program is really incredible; we’re getting to learn from industry experts, work with our peers, and record with producers we would otherwise never get to meet. We’re continually working outside of our comfort zone and it’s certainly paying off. Today’s morning sessions included talks from super stylist Kate Matthews, FACTOR’s Jeff Hayward and a killer one-on-one interview with The Road Hammers’ Clayton Bellamy hosted by Wild 95.3’s Music Director Mike Shannon. Mike also led an afternoon session about how stations like his determine what’s added and what isn’t. Very eye opening indeed.

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Bootcamp Dream Team pt5: Clayton Bellamy

clayton bellamy

“If you don’t stand for anything in your life, then your music won’t stand for anything either”. This rather bold statement is from the mind and mouth of Juno award winner Clayton Bellamy. With the release of his fourth solo album “Five Crow Silver”, Bellamy is out to back that statement up in his typical “take no prisoner’s” style. Most people know of Clayton from his years with his platinum selling band The Road Hammers, but this is only one piece of a large and varied musical puzzle.

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Nimbits Unite!

Dani Lynn

3 days into PW bootcamp and we are feelin it! After a beautiful drive in to the mountains, it was undeniable that we won’t be hurting to live here for a week! Aside from the amazing view, we have channeled our inner ‘summer camp kid’ and constructed some pretty stellar forts in our room, so…

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