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Husband & wife country duo Jason and Katie of Midnight Lights started out as childhood friends and have been making music together since they were teenagers. First recording together in 2012 under the name Katie and Jason, Midnight Lights changed genres and names to better reflect their writing style, releasing their much anticipated debut country single “Let’s Get Outta Here” in summer 2015 – leading them to share the stage at Peacefest Music Festival with Dean Brody and Tristan Hornecastle.
Country music is ever-evolving – and that goes double for Midnight Lights’ new 7 track EP Elements, released April 25th, 2016. Midnight Lights shows their lighter side on this fun EP, written by the duo and produced by the much awarded Canadian Bart McKay (Gord Bamford; Brett Kissel). From the tongue-and-cheek commentary on the lyrical content of today’s country music in “Good Old Days”, to the cutesy ukulele driven “Heart of Hearts”, to the summertime chillin’ groove of “Down by the River”, each song is unique and shows not just the range of the artists, but the future of country music.

Growing up in a community of faith, Midnight Lights has deep roots in using their musical gifts for the good of others. In 2013, the duo began the Love Your Neighbor Initiative – a commitment to give 100% of the proceeds from one song off of each musical work to a family or charitable organization in need. From 2013-2015, Midnight Lights raised almost $6000.00 through the sale of their song "Long Gone" for the Brunham's, the couple whose battle with cancer inspired it. Continuing this charity initiative, they continue to give back by donating the proceeds from their upbeat song of hope “Right Beside Me” to the Faith Children Home Orphanage in India.

HOMETOWN: Peace River

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